Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not voting or NOTA No to the above

With the presidential election pretty much over lots of people are pissed off and other are joyous this post is for both of them.

To take a phrase from South Park the choice is between a Giant douche and a Turd sandwich. Don't ask me which one is which because I can't tell. Lots of people vote for the lesser of two evils from my unscientific survey. They don't have to vote for evil, if you don't agree with the person you are voting for 75% or more on the issues then I have a solution for you.

Step 1 figure out how to do a write in vote.
Step 2 write in "Eliminate the office" this way you are not forcing your views on your neighbors.
Step 3 is hold your head high because you did not use force on your neighbors and tell your friends what you did.

The solution is viable in every race be it national, state, or local.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Ron Paul revolution and the next steps

The doctor has made a diagnosis and written a prescription, and a treatment has been outlined. Ron Paul is looking forward from everything I have seen and read from him and supporters. Looking back is not really that constructive, you do need to be aware of the past so you do not repeat the mistakes of old but you also need to look forward because that is where we all are going we do not have the technology to correct the mistakes of the past we do have the intelligence to not repeat those mistakes.

You may be asking where is this all going well of course it is going forward we are all creating our new trail in this forest. The Ron Paul campaign is not gone it has just changed as the caterpillar creates it cocoon in preparation for the new stage. The Ron Paul campaign has emerged from the cocoon and the beautiful butterfly is now fanning its wings so that soon it will be able to fly. The new stage of the campaign is now called the Campaign for Liberty . All of the Ron Paul supporters now need to make a choice.

The road will be very diverse and we will all be working independently. I personally will be working toward a previous goal which is moving to New Hampshire to add my talents with the other activists in New Hampshire as a part of the Free State Project (which Dr. Ron Paul has endorsed you can view here

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Memorial of the Libertarian Party

I was never a member of the Libertarian Party because I really did not want to be associated with a party but if I was forced to forced to join a party the Libertarian Party would have been my choice. The LP used to have principle that they followed but I now totally lost all faith in the party after the delegates nominated Barr and Root. Barr in my opinion is not even close to be principled enough to call himself a Libertarian and Root is a neo-con. Maybe this will cause the people in the LP to get back to the roots of the party but I really doubt it because of the people who I know that are leaving the party. This entire situation was discussed on Free Talk Live at with Ian Bernard, Mark Edggington, and Gardner Goldsmith.

Congratulations to the delegates at the Libertarian Party convention you have just lost my vote. I might have voted for the LP in November if either the Pres or the VP candidates were even close to principled. They could have put Barr Kubby ticket and I would have sucked up and checked that box but no you allowed 2 neo-cons get the nomination.

May the LP rest in piece it is now nothing more then a footnote in history.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Hampshire Liberty forum Part 1

The next few posts will be my experiences from the New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

On Thursday I was driving from Western NY to Nashua NH. I went through some small towns in southern NH and was amazed at the beauty of the towns. I went through Winchester and thought that this is the quintessential New England town in winter. I am not a fan of snow but the beauty of the area is just breathtaking and with a couple of feet of snow (not on the roads) it just made the drive that much more beautiful.
When I arrived at the hotel I checked in and ran in to a few people I met at previous trips to NH. The first night was a cocktail sponsored by Sakal/CAI and had a book signing by multiple authors including F. Paul Wilson and Gardner Goldsmith. I purchased a book by Gardner and asked him to sign it and was shocked to see he wrote almost a paragraph, not just his name and had fun talking to the people he was signing books for.

On Friday the first real day for the Liberty Forum I went to the opening ceremony that had the organizer for the Liberty Forum, the president of the Free State Project, and Sharron Harris from the Advocates for Self Government talked about how to make the idea of liberty "sticky" which means that the idea is not just brushed off after the conversation.

In the afternoon I watched Peter Christ from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition speak about opening up the conversation about the Drug policy in America not the War on drugs or even legalization but just discussing the insane policy of prohibition. Peter was a police chief from Tonawanda, NY and after he retired he and few others from law enforcement created LEAP. Peter told a personal story from his families past during prohibition some of his relatives were involved with transporting alcohol from Canada in to Buffalo, this hit home for me because my Great Grandfather during prohibition had fights on his farm in Colts Station, PA and alcohol was consumed during the fights so it is possible that my family and his might have done business.

For the keynote address Bernard von Nothaus was slated to speak but in his stead was a person from the time of the founding of this great country sent by the founders the person was Captain Roughseas (who looked very similar to Bernard) Capitan Roughseas was sent to tell us that the founders were impressed with the people at the Liberty Forum and ashamed at what this country has become especially the situation with the money in the US. The speech was a event that I will not soon forget but I may go in to it with more detail later.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Ron Paul can't win" as John Stossel would say "give me a break"

I will come out and say it I am a Ron Paul supporter. I never voluntarily gave a politician money before and this year I have given hundreds. I have voted in every election since I turned 18, yes there are elections every year. I was never registered with any political party and I changed my party affiliation to Republican so I could vote in the Primary on super Tuesday.

Why would I do all of this? I have done this because I have never heard of a truthful politician and that is what I see in Ron Paul. Why do I believe he is a truthful politician? He has morals and principle that anyone could see. Ron takes firm stands on issues and will defend those positions. Ask a question to Ron and he will give you a direct answer no beating around the bush and normally he will give you his reasons for that answer. What politician actually answers questions? I would bet if you could think of any they could be counted on one hand.

Ron Paul's campaign is different as anyone could see. He has grassroots support, and that support is very dedicated and passionate. I should know I met some in my area and from what I can tell is the same all over the country.

I am tired of reading every news article and a lot of the news agencies blogs that praise the Ron Paul campaign and then slip in something like "we all know he can't win". Here is a little message to all those news agencies. "We don't know he can't win, I know there is a possibility of him not winning but there is also a possibility of him winning because of people like me". I will say as long as someone is in the middle of a campaign there is a possibility of winning there may be different levels of probability. If I am reading a news story give me the facts, editorials, opinions, and blogs say what you want.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Republican Youtube Debate 11-28-07

In the first part of the debate when McCain came out he gave a creepy hug to the guy that was introducing him.

The first video that was shown was the funny guy singing. I was entertained by that video and actually watched it a couple days before.

Mitt and Rudy did a little back and forth about sanctuary cities and Rudy said Romney employed illegal immigrants.

Tancrado talked about stopping immigration, Hunter brought up the stupid border fence which Penn & Teller's Bullshit showed could be scaled dug under and cut through in a matter of minutes.

Huckabee talked about giving people taxpayer funded college education.

Romney fought with Huckabee

Ron Paul's 1st question was about the North American Union and conspiracy theories. Ron answered that he does not believe in the conspiracy theory but does recognize that money has been spent and about how some power that was being sent to the UN.

McCain called Ron Paul a isolationist. Ron responded with the record that he gets more contributions from active military.

A question was asked about a pledge to cut taxes and Dr. Paul's response was that he has never voted for a tax increase but you also need to reduce spending.

Gulliani doesn't want to cut corn subsidies. He also said that NYC was safer because he enforced gun laws aggressively.

McCain, Romney, Gulliani all do not own a firearm.

Ron Paul was asked a question about abortion and he said that it should be up to the states and he thinks that the person committing the abortion should be punished but it should be up to the states and the individuals in the community.

Huckabee tried to say that putting someone to death was different then a abortion death. He also said he believes every word of the bible.

McCain brought up the phrase that "if we leave they will follow us home" and attacked Ron Paul about his promise that he will bring the troops home. Ron countered with the example after the US left Vietnam.

Huckabee said he wants to expand the space program. I wonder how he expects to pay for that? I would guess stealing money from you and me through taxation.

Ron Paul was asked a question if he would seek a independent canidicy. Ron actually spun the question a little bit but cited that he did nothing to raise the 4.3 million dollars in one day and that there is a revolution going on and people were tired about the way the country is heading.

I also think that Ron's campaign video was the best out of the 8. Thompson submitted a attack ad against Romney and Huckabee.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul supporters donate almost 4 million in 24 hours

Looks like Ron Paul supporters are not just a few people because as you can see from the image taken from On November the 5th Ron Paul supporters donated more the 3.9 million dollars. I am not sure if this is a final number because I am not sure if phone donations are counted in this graph but this definitely includes all on-line donations.

The idea of the November 5th donation day was for 100,000 people to all donate $100 to get a total of 10 million dollars in one day. The goal was very ambitious and almost 4 million in one day is nothing to sneeze at especially since individual donations are capped at $2,300 and couple donations are $4,600. If the same demographics are projected with this donations the average donation would be about $40 which would mean that 100,000 people donated $40 I am not saying I know this to be a fact but I am using previous donations to project these numbers. I personally think the average donation for the day would be $100 or more since the $100 was the asked amount for the 5th.

The 5th of November actually is a celebrated day in England called Guy Fawkes day. You can find more information about Guy Fawkes HERE
The other significance about November the 5th is that the movie V for Vendetta used the Guy Fawkes story as a part of the movie. V for Vendetta is a movie where the government has become oppressive and a the country is in a perpetual state of fear. The fear is a tool that the people in power of the government uses to enact policies for example nightly curfews, roving conversation monitoring and a government controlled media. A fairly well known statement in the movie is "People should not fear their governments, Governments should fear their people".

I was expecting a surge from this campaign but was shocked at the final numbers. I truly never thought that Ron Paul supporters would come out in mass and make a statement with their wallets. I will not make that mistake again I will always try keep a objective perspective but after today I will give the Ron Paul supporters more credit.